In-Home Services

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In-home services are barbering, cosmetology (including skin care and nail care), and electrolysis services that are administered for compensation in homes rather than in licensed salons or barbershops, or an approved school.

Q. Who is eligible to have in-home services?

A. In-home services are available for anyone whose illness or other physical or mental incapacitation prevents them from visiting a licensed salon or barbershop.

Q. What should I do if I need in-home services?

A. If you need in-home services, contact a licensed salon and ask if they have licensed staff available to provide in-home services. If so, schedule an appointment. Be sure to tell the staff what medications you are taking, any disabilities you have and any special accommodations you may need.

Q. Can patients in convalescent homes have in-home services performed?

A. Yes. Patients in convalescent homes can have in-home services performed. If you are in a convalescent home, follow the steps provided in the answer above.

Q. Who can provide in-home services?

A. Only people who are licensed by the Board to perform the services requested are able to provide in-home services to qualified individuals.

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