Industry Bulletin 8/1/2011- Disinfecting Nail Files

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The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Board) has received no scientific data that indicates nail files manufactured of porous material can be disinfected in a manner that would prevent the harboring or growth of bacteria. Porous material is a material that has minute spaces or holes through which liquid may pass (for example; emery boards, pumice stones, orange wood sticks).

California Code of Regulations section 981 states:

"All instruments and supplies which come into direct contact with a patron and cannot be disinfected (for example, cotton pads, sponges, emery boards, and neck strips) shall be disposed of in a waste receptacle immediately after use."

Until the Board receives valid data that a porous file can be disinfected, the Board takes the following position:

All items that are made of porous material must be disposed of immediately after use on a single client. Items that are made of porous material must not be used on more than one client regardless if the item is stamped "disinfectable".

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