Industry Bulletin- Reminder that Needles are Prohibited

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The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology would like to remind licensees that the use of needles for the purpose of extracting skin blemishes is strictly prohibited.

Section 993 of the California Code of Regulations states: “No establishment or school shall have on the premises any needle-like tool which is used for the purpose of extracting skin blemishes and other similar procedures.”

Individual licensees as well as salon owners should note that using a needle, such as a lancet or needle-tip tweezers, while extracting skin blemishes is not within the scope of practice for a cosmetologist or esthetician. Needles are tools that are considered to be invasive and should not be used in the salon.

If needles are found, licensees and owners are subject to an administrative fine and possible discipline.


Revised July 2015

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