Stylists Article - May 2013

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If you see something, Say Something. Easy enough, right? Not as easy as you might expect. Over the years, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has found that clients all too often are reluctant to talk openly with their cosmetologist, barber, manicurist , esthetician or electrologist about their concerns about cleanliness — even when they know what to look for, or when an unsanitary condition clearly exists. Why? Well, when the client is a longtime customer of the person providing the service, client loyalty can make it awkward. “We don’t want to hurt their feelings,” or “I’m too embarrassed,” they’ll say. Another common response is, “We don’t want to get a bad service.” But a service that puts the consumer’s health and safety in jeopardy isn’t “good” service in the first place.

Client loyalty is a two-way street. As a beauty or barbering professional, you should want a client to speak up if he or she sees something amiss. Maybe you missed it in the bustle of a busy salon; it happens. But as someone who has dedicated a great deal of time and effort in school and passed an extensive state licensing examination to earn the right to offer these services to customers, you know that protection of the client is paramount. A beauty professional takes pride in the cleanliness of the shop, and understands that a client who isn’t comfortable with the state of the shop or how the service is performed, or gets sick, will probably not be a client much longer. Losing a client means losing money. Moreover, by pointing out a problem, a client is giving the licensee an opportunity to fix something that could possibly lead to a large fine if discovered by a Board of Barbering and Cosmetology inspector.

Protecting both clients and service providers is the goal of the Board’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign. It promotes “Working Together” — clients, service providers and the Board — “for a Safe, Healthy Salon Experience.”

So don’t be surprised or upset if a client should “Say Something” — working together is a great way to ensure a safe, healthy salon experience.

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