Stylists Article - October 2014

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Whether you are vendor, a buyer, or just a visitor, attending a trade show is usually a fun and visually stimulating event. New trends, products and techniques are introduced into the market and can do wonders in a salon or barbershop setting. However, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) would like to share this caveat about attending showsó not all products sold at trade shows (or at beauty supply stores) are legal for use by Board licensees in a barbershop or salon setting.

The Board has seen products sold at trade shows that are prohibited for use in California salon and barbershop establishments. Although the Board cannot prohibit a person from selling these devices or from using a certain product in a home setting, Board inspectors can cite a barbershop or salon professional if he or she is using a prohibited product or technique. Licensed barbers and salon professionals, while skilled and trained in providing many cosmetic services, may never perform any act or use any machine that affects the structure or function of living tissue of the face or body. They may never use razor-edged instruments to remove skin (such as calluses, moles or skin tags), penetrate the skin by needle, use lasers, or perform medical-level dermabrasion or skin peels. Those treatments must be performed by qualified medical professionals.

If you are unsure of the legality of a particular product or technique, inquire with the Board at (916) 574-7574. For more on prohibited products or techniques, visit the Board's press release page at its Web site at and read "Keep 'em Out!". A brochure showing some of the instruments that are prohibited by the Board can be seen at

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