Laws and Regulations

Title 16, Division 9, California Code of Regulations

Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Article 1. Administration

904. Enforcement

905. Posting of Consumer Information Message

Article 2. Qualifications for Examination

909. Proof of Training

910. Out-of-State Applicants

Article 3. Apprenticeship

913. Approval of Apprentice Training Programs

913.1 Withdrawal of Approval: Apprenticeship Program Sponsor

914.1 Filing of Apprenticeship Application; Eligibility

914.2 Filing of Apprenticeship Application; Re-enrollments

915. Related Training

916. Training Hours and Schedule

917. Pre-apprentice Training

918. Trainer's Scope of Practice

919. Board Approved Trainers and Establishments

920. Record of Apprentice Training

921. Curriculum for Barber Apprentice Course

921.1 Curriculum for Cosmetology Apprenticeship Course

921.2. Curriculum for Electrolysis Apprenticeship Course

922. Transfers

923. Surrender of License

924. Completion of Apprentice Training Program

925. Statement of Trainer Responsibilities

926. Apprenticeship Credit for Prior Training

Article 4. Examinations

928. Preapplication for Examination

931. Interpreter and Interpreter/Model

932. Passing Grades in Examinations

934. Examination Appeal

Article 5. Mobile Units

937. Licensing and Operation

Article 6. Schools

940. Equipment for Schools

941. Approval of Schools

Article 7. Continuing Education

950.1 Curriculum for Barbering Course

950.2. Curriculum for Cosmetology Course

950.3. Curriculum for Skin Care Course

950.4. Curriculum for Nail Care Course

950.5. Curriculum for Electrolysis Course

950.10. Credit for Special License and Transfer of Training

950.12. Work upon Paying Patrons

961. Text and Reference Books for Students

Article 8.5 Externship

962. Definitions

962.1 Notification of Participation in the Cosmetology Externship Program

962.2 Laminated School Identification

Article 9. Licenses

965. Display of Licenses

965.1. Persons Exempt from Application of Chapter; Demonstration of Products

Article 10. Disciplinary Proceedings

969. Delegation of Certain Functions

970. Substantial Relationship Criteria

971. Criteria for Rehabilitation

972. Disciplinary Guidelines

973. Grounds for Immediate Suspension

973.1 Procedures For Issuing Immediate Suspension

973.2 Content of Immediate Suspension Notice

973.3 Terms and Conditions of Probation

973.4 Remedial Training Defined

973.5 Approval of Remedial Training Course

973.6 Appeal Process

Article 11. Administrative Fines and Citations

974. Schedule of Administrative Fines

974.1 Disciplinary Review Committee

974.2 Appeal to Disciplinary Review Committee

975. Good Cause for Failure to Appear for Hearing

976. Citations: Unlicensed Activity

Article 12. Health and Safety

977. Health and Safety Definitions

978. Minimum Equipment and Supplies

979. Disinfecting Non-Electrical Instruments and Equipment

980. Disinfecting Electrical Instruments

980.1 Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfecting Whirlpool Footspas and Air-Jet Basins

980.2 Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfecting Pipe-less Footspas

980.3 Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfecting Non-Whirlpool Foot Basins or Tubs

980.4 Disposable Foot Basin or Tub Liners

981. Instruments and Supplies

982. Sterilizing Electrolysis Instruments

983. Personal Cleanliness

984. Disease and Infestation

985. Neck Strips

986. Neck Dusters and Brushes

987. Towels

988. Liquids, Creams, Powders and Cosmetics

989. Prohibited Hazardous Substances/Use of Products

990. Headrests and Treatment Tables

991. Invasive Procedures

992. Skin Peeling

993. Prohibited Instruments

994. Cleanliness and Repair

995. Building Standards

998. Schedule of Fees

Article 13. Revenue

999. Charge for Dishonored Check

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