Important Information

The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Board) approves schools of barbering, cosmetology, and electrology that offer courses within the Board's jurisdiction (barbering, cosmetology, electrology, esthetician, and manicuring). In order for a school to be approved by the Board, it must meet the Board's minimum curriculum requirements. Courses that are taught by non-Board-approved schools will not be recognized by the Board, and any hours obtained taking these courses and any certificates received will not qualify you for a Board examination. Please click on the following link for a list of Board approved schools:

If a school offers to sell you hours or is not teaching the required curriculum, please email the Board at or you can file an anonymous complaint by clicking the following link:

Also, if you submit an application stating that you have completed all the required hours to qualify for a Board examination and you have not completed the minimum curriculum requirements at a Board-approved school, that could be grounds for denial to take a Board examination or grounds for revocation of your license (if licensed).

Please see California Code of Regulations sections 950.1 through 950.5 for the minimum curriculum requirements to qualify for a Board examination by clicking the following link: