Equipment Evaluation Binder

The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology offers the following resource to establishment owners and licensees to help you stay in compliance with professional standards.

Before you purchase a skin care machine or device the Board recommends:

  • Do some research. Make sure that use of the equipment or device falls within your scope of practice. You may want to review the Board's Industry Bulletin on Machine Use.
  • Complete the Equipment Evaluation form.
  • Store the Equipment Evaluation form and any applicable research in a binder, at the establishment, within easy access. Fill out one form per machine/device.
  • When inspected, share the Equipment Evaluation Binder with the inspector.

The Board has created this form for licensees and establishment owners as a helpful tool. It is only a suggestion and is not required by law.

EQUIPMENT EVALUATION FORM (Korean) (Spanish) (Vietnamese)