The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Needs You!


Most licensees are familiar with Board's inspection program in which the Board may issue a citation for a violation of its regulations. But for more serious cases involving harm to consumers, the Board may take formal disciplinary action that can lead to a license being placed on probation or even revoked. In these instances, the Board uses experts gleaned from the ranks of the professions themselves to evaluate the evidence against a licensee and, if need be, testify at administrative hearings.

This is where you come in. As an expert consultant, you will review case materials and investigative reports, prepare written opinions, and possibly testify at administrative hearings involving licensees accused of incompetence, gross negligence, or unprofessional conduct.

An expert consultant must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A current and active license in their profession;
  2. The license must be in good standing with no prior disciplinary actions or convictions, no pending investigations and no outstanding administrative fines;
  3. The applicant must be currently working in the specific field of expertise and have 5 years of experience in that field;
  4. A current, working knowledge of the Board's laws, rules and regulations;
  5. Consistent, ongoing face-to-face client contact in a licensed establishment;
  6. Strong persuasive writing skills with the ability to express ideas logically and critically;
  7. Willingness to serve as an expert consultant for three consecutive years.

Licensee expert consultants are paid $35 per hour for a maximum of five hours for case review and preparation of the expert opinion, and $35 per hour plus expenses if called to testify at an administrative hearing. Doctor expert consultants are paid $150 per hour for written opinions or $200 per hour for oral opinions. Expert consultants participate in anywhere from two to ten cases a year.

If you meet the qualifications listed above and are interested in working with the Board as an Expert Consultant, you are encouraged to fill out the Expert Consultant Application form and mail it to the Board at P.O. Box 944226, Sacramento, CA 94244, Attn: Jennifer Porcalla.

Click here for the Expert Consultant Application form